Wavelab12 - Not Responding at startup

Wavelab 12 hanging on opening today, Working fine last night. Something must havre corrupted on exit. It hangs just after the main window opens, so I assume one of its parameter (dat) files cannot be read.

Ive no idea why yet. Mac OSX 14.3…1 Sonoma.

Is there a startup or .dat file I can safely delete to allow it to open to assist troubleshooting?


Do you reach at least the startup assistant? If not, hold down (maintain) the Control key (Command on Mac) while launching WaveLab, until the startup assistant appears.

Thanks for response Philipe.

Something odd going on here.

What does the Cmd key do in this situation. Is it some sort of safe mode start up bypassing some files?

I launch usually from an icon placed in my dock bar on my Mac. Holding cmd key when launching then takes me to my Applications folder. Here I double click still holding key and the new Wavelab startup window appears. I then select open there and the main window appears. But at least the beach balling/hang on that window has now cleared. But don’t understand why?


This is to force the Startup screen to appear, if it did not.
I understand your problem is solved now.