Wavelab7 and SSL Plugins - V7.2 vs. V7.1

Hallo Wavelab + SSL Users, hello PG.

Are there any experiences out there with Wavelab 7.x and the new V4.x SSL Native Plugins - VST?

On my machine SSL plugins are not useable with Wavelab 7.2:

issue: window management and draw functions do not work in v. 7.2.x -> sub-windows management do not work.

issue: windows initialisation work only after manually redraw/ hide+show the plugin windows on v. 7.1.x

a test with Cubase 6 and Live works fine on the same machine

Mac Book Pro, i7, 8 GB, 500 GB HD

I could see that, but I have no clue and their copy protection don’t allow investigations. You should report this to SSL, they must have an unusual approach of their 32 bit gui.
This problem only occurs in 32 bit. In 64 bit their cocoa plugins don’t have the problem. You can run in 64 bit if you need to use their plugins.

Could it be a Mac thing?
They are working just fine here on a PC running XP/32-bit in both VST3 and VST2 variants

Yes, this is a Mac thing. They must have some Carbon old GUI.

I have pb with SSL Duende X-EQ in cubase 5.5.3 see :

Are you using the VST3 or VST2 version ?

With VST2 no probs but in cubase the preset name is always ‘default’, issue with VST3 (white GUI or Half part greenish when I reopen a project with a X-EQ). SSL doesn’t know if this is a cubase or a SSL pb.