Hi, my Wavelab not recognise digital input Mac build-in-audio and
HD Digidesign192 .
I want to record in Wavelab7 digital SPDIF

Is your Digidesign showing up and selected in your Mac’s “System Preferences”>Sound? Did you install the ASIO driver for your unit? I suggest it’s better to focus on using the Digidesign unit than basic Mac audio in WL7.

MacPro 10.6.5
Audio play from ProToolsHD(Digi192) send to summator,than go to master audio interface UA2192, from UA SPDIF Out go to any Audio interface(Tascam US144,Esi Juli@,or build-in-Mac-interface) Wavelab7.The Problem-Wavelab7 don,t recognize and not recording any digital signals(analog audio normal recording).
Where is the Bug?


What do you see in Options / Audio Streaming Settings…
under Audio Device

just test with one Audio device connected to WL 7 does it show up ?

check Control panel for your Audio Device
check SPDIF is it Coaxial or is it Optical
is routing in order, even check cables, connectors etc

check for latest Audio Device driver

make it simple to pinpoint problems etc

regards S-EH