wavelab8 request(s)

  • an option to keep last checked or unchecked ‘audio monitoring’ box in the record windows.

Can we still make wishes? If so, I’d like an enhanced spectral editor, with better selection (“magic wand”, “lasso”?), better stereo options etc. Secondly–and obviously–a manual.


Donx, see above. PG already covered this. It’s hard to effectively illustrate how important a true scrub feature is unless you’ve tried one. Try the scrub in Soundtrack Pro (or a good old Roland VS-880) to see what I’m talking about.

  1. I’d like to see a full suite of metadata processing tools incorporated into the batch processor. This would include the ability to create meaningful UMID (SMPTE ST 330:2004) and USID (EBU R 99), add data to existing data namely in Coding History… I could go all day.

  2. An ability to extract audio data from Audio CDs that have problems reading tracks. For example, we deal with some CD-Rs recorded way back when on stand-alone CD Recorders that required finalising. If they weren’t finalised properly, we can’t get the last track of them, even though the audio data is on there. Luckily, we can send them back to the source who still have the CD recorder but that won’t last long.

  3. The ability to communicate directly with mass CD ingest robots so we could use Wavelab to rip CDs as it does things the software that came with the machines cannot, namely, rip audio in pre-gaps.

  4. Not having to wait for version 8 to see some of these features :wink:

please make my old q-metric plugin working again with wavelab 8 and i will upgrade.
otherwise i’ll stay with wl7. i’m satisfied with that version so far.

A fail safe or a dialogue that pops up when samples have been dropped during a recording. At the moment, there is no flagging of this in Wavelab (nor was there in v.6). I would rate this feature as highly important!

Many thanks.

An update from WL6 bypassing the WL7 train crash would be good.

Aye, aye. This worked, quite nicely, in WL 6. In WL7 it is busted, and a horror to work with.
In fact, why wait for WL8? How about 7.3? :slight_smile:

iXml metadata support …

In batch process, when the output format is non-linear, as it is with all lossy codecs, it would be nice to have a type of level normalizer that would 1) check the output of the decoder for clipping and 2) apply an appropriate degree of gain attenuation before the coder (also before dithering, if dithering is used) if clipping is actually found.

Both the meta normalizer (audio montage, batch processor) and the loudness normalizer (audio files, batch processor) could be extended with some alternative techniques of loudness calculation such as Replay Gain and EBU R128.

This will happen.

my wishes: full featured surround capabilities! Which means, full support of multi channel interleaved files for editing and montage, at least up to 7.1 with different channel orders. And full support of surround plug ins, like Waves 360 Surround Bundle, would be necessary too.

I would like to see the bit rate meter show up in WL8E. Increase the price if you have to but let’s do it please?

I am also curious as to the date of version 8? Is this set for January NAMM perhaps?

The fact is that we could really use a WL Studio 8 to bridge the price/functionality gap.

Hey, why didn’t I think of that? +1 on Bane’s suggestion. :sunglasses:

decent multichannel support


+1 :sunglasses:

I am still having quite a bit of trouble getting the ASIO driver working reliably and consistently in Elements 7 running under Windows 7.

I don’t know if this is available in the full version or even possible, but I would like to see the option to use different drivers for playback (eg ASIO) and recording (eg MME).

Can you make an option to turn off the ability to change plug-in settings with the mouse wheel? Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself accidentally changing settings all the time because of this. I don’t think it’s a good feature because it seems too hard to do any accurate settings with this method. It would be nice to at least be able to disable it.