Wavelabelements 7


short question. Is Wavelab 7 elements running on windos 10?


Did you look in the instruction manual?


It´s an old version, but it has 64bit/Windows 8 support:

WaveLab 7 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

I think your best bet is to upgrade though - it´s not that expensive go upgrade from 7 to 10, and then you know your product is supported. I think it´s worth it for new functions etc:

WaveLab - The Number One Mastering Software | Steinberg

Best wishes

Also, look here:

Wavelab 7 64 bit Version Not working with Windows 10 64 bit - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums


Whew. :slightly_smiling_face: For a moment there, I thought the guy was going to have to look up the information himself.

Well, Wavelab 7 is a product that last was updated 2012. I don´t think there will be a reference to Win10 in the manual. And it´s of course not mandatory to help out in these forums, but there are some guidelines that can be good to know…

Guidelines - Steinberg Forums