This is not meant to replace or compete with the EXCELLENT support you can get here on this forum from PG. I mean, what other notable audio DAW has a forum where you can get support directly from the creator and developer of it?

However, aside from doing these monthly WaveLab livestreams on YouTube for Steinberg, I’ve been getting more and more requests for more direct help with WaveLab.

So, I’ve created WaveLabHelp.com as a central location for links to all my WaveLab presets, preferences, and other useful things discussed in the monthly livestreams which are also nicely linked/organized on this new website.

There is also a page to book one-on-one Zoom sessions for both new and existing users of WaveLab to learn more. Over the last year, I’ve gotten a lot of organic requests to do one-on-one Zoom sessions and those have been both fun and successful, so this page will help streamline the booking and scheduling of those sessions for those who are interested.

I would love to make a nicely scripted and edited tutorial series for WaveLab, but my available time to do that just doesn’t exist these days, so doing it one-on-one over Zoom, as well as the monthly livestreams is what works best for now.


Hi , I’m looking for some help with Wavelab Pro 9:

When I try to open any file Wavelab just closes all the time. I can’t open any waves or montages.

Regards, Kevin

The best way to know would be for you to post the crash reports in a new thread so PG can see the reports and analyze them.

Also, it can help to delete the general.dat file found in your WaveLab Preferences folder or potentially the entire preferences folder but be aware that with deleting the general.dat file you could lose some custom WaveLab settings you’ve created, and deleting the entire folder will of course remove all presets and settings so back up this folder first. Often times this is due to a corrupt plugin in the global master section that is trying to load.

In this video I explain where to find the Preferences Folder:

Great initiative Justin. I’m sure a lot of users will love such a resource.