Wavelabs 10 elements windows 10 2004

updated to the new win 10 2004 version a week ago, and yesterday wavelabs wouldnt play back anymore when using ur22mkll. have tried using the yamaha driver and asio drivers. it only works when using realtek drivers and connecting headphones to the computer directly. anyone else experiencing this? theres a little bit audio stutter, then it stops playing.

reinstall yahama drivers. known issue, i believe. don’t own the ur22mkii

I have tried that. Didn’t work. Also uninstalled and reinstalled wavelabs. Didn’t work. Then i reinstalled windows. And then it worked the first time, but after that it was broken again. Guess it’s a windows update or a software or vst that has broken it.

Seems that the newest yamaha driver won’t work with wavelab 10, but works perfectly in cubase 10 pro.
And the older yamaha driver works with wavelab, but not with cubase…