I love the wave-matching feature. I have even created my own keyboard shortcut for it (Alt+W, Ctl+left arrow).


It does not work until the Wave-matching window is first displayed in the dock. I can then display other docked windows, and wave-matching continues to work, but the first iteration of the command always requires the dock window to be displayed. If I’m zoomed in enough on the montage, the dock window shouldn’t be required.

Secondly, I always have to reset my search range. This should be saved as a user preference.

I don’t understand what you mean with the 1st problem.

The second issue will be solved.

If I split a clip, overlap and execute the wave-matching command, the following error is displayed (hereafter referred to as WME):


The conditions of the error are not met, because only two clips are displayed in the montage at this time, only one crossfade is present in the montage, and the selected clip is in the correct position for the wave-match search to be valid.

If I then open the Wave-matching window in the tool window tab group and re-execute the wave-match command the search and shift completes correctly.

I can then select any other tool window, and even close the wave-match tool window and the wave-matching command will still work. Even on newly created crossfades and newly added clips in the montage. The Wave-matching tool window only needs to be displayed for the first iteration of the command-- but this is only the case for this montage (montage A).

If I open a new montage (montage B) and add a clip -even one that I’ve been successfully splitting and matching on the original montage (montage A)- the wave-matching command fails and the WME is displayed as before. The search range is reset to the shortest value, and wave-matching will not work until the wave-match tool window is again opened in the tool window tab group. Once the WM tool window has been displayed wave-matching will continue to work on new clips in the new montage (B).

If I then go back to the original montage (A), after successful matches on montage (B) the error condition is reset and the next wave-match command will fail until the Wave Matching window is again displayed.

It strikes me that the Wave-matching tool window need not be displayed for the function to work, and there’s a lot of extra mousing around required for the function to work the first time.

Thanks for the details.