Waves 5.9.7

Just wondering…my Waves 5.9.7 plugins work fine in 64 bit mode in Logic but won’t run at all in N5.5. Other than that, no complaints.

You can’t bit-bridge the Waves plug-ins with the Steinberg adapter. Use JBridge instead.

Also, for what’s it’s worth… Waves only supports N 4.1.2 on Intel Macs with Waves version 5.9.7. Nuendo 5 is supported by Waves version 8 and version 7. You can go to Waves website, click the support tab, and then select tech specs to see which their tested and supported version matrix for each platform.

I think Jbridge is PC only.

Never had a problem running Waves 5.9.7 in N5.1. I wonder what changed?