Waves 8


64 bits not ready yet… ;(
But finally we could use the mouse wheel control on them!!! Iupi!

Not only that a 64bit version is not ready yet, V8 does not even seem to be supported under Windows 7 64bit (it will probably run under W7 64bit on a 32bit host, but no tech support, as usual). According to Waves’ tech spec page, they only support 32bit hosts and 32bit OS.

Welcome to the past!

Well version 7 was supported under 64 bit OS so I can’t see em taking it away for version 8.

It’s what the tech specc page to which the V8 site links says, but it has probably simply not been updated. Let’s hope it.

The other spooky thing is that, according to the V8 site, one will lose the V7 license after upgrading to V8. So, in case that V8 does not work properly with jbridge, one won’t be able to run waves stuff under Cubase 64bit after upgrading.
I still have 2 months waves update plan, so I’lll wait and see what the community says regarding V8 + jbridge.

it cant be long now. the world is officially 64bit. surely their on to this, although i thought 8 would be the one. surprised i guess…

Still here,… still waiting. :unamused: I’m officially giving it 6 weeks from today ( i dont know why 6 but 2 months sounded loooong) and I’m moving on from the idea of purchasing a bundle from Waves. :exclamation:

I have waves gold V 8 and use it on cubase 32 on win 7 64. No problems at all.

Using Waves 8 on Win7x64 + Cub5/6x32 natiev and x64 jBridge.

Got this off of the Waves website in the news section. Just to say there is hope…

Waves has an extensive product line which currently includes over 100 plug-ins, and making each and every one of them 64-bit compatible is a massive undertaking. We are making every effort to complete this process as swiftly as possible, yet do not want to commit to an unrealistic release date which may lead to user disappointment in the future. Naturally, we hope to make 64-bit compatibility available prior to 2011. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Removed all jBridge plugs yesterday and tried Cubases inbuilt and waves works wonderfully. Not sure what the benefits of Wavesx64 would provide, apart from non bridging?
If it’s memory issues with x32 Cubase or even x64, using jBridge will utilise your system memory outside of Cubases memory footprint, not that x64 it owuld be an issue.

Just my 2 thoughts: )

I’m really trying to develop a stable 64 bit system using 64bit Win7 and 64bit Cubase 6.

I am aware of the Bridging options; and may well end up taking the Jbridge route (as a temporary measure) if necessity grants me no other direction at some point soon. But y’know these Waves, for me, well their expensive and of the big fish in the plug in world. I guess for the money I’m laying down (not to mention what I’ve spent so far to take me into a 64 bit existence), I just want seamless 64 bit integration, for a 64 bit platform with no 32 bit memory limitations. Using JBridge feels like putting a Band Aid on a brand new red Ferrari. Im sure some of you are thinking well too bad, your slightly ahead of the game here?? These are the reasons soo many hold back or continue to work now in 32 bit; rather than mixing and matching 32 n 64 bit. Well y’know im nearly there. And if anything Waves are slightly behind the game here. I’m just waiting on Waves now, for the icing on my 64 bit cake :slight_smile:

Have you tried bridging waves in Cubase’s native bridge. It works fine on my system Cubase 6.1 or whatever the update is.

I install as much as I can with Waves in the route SB\Cubase\Vstplugin folder.

To be honest I haven’t tried at all. Although I’ve clearly set my stall out, ive kinda been holding back on buying Waves until it had officially turned 64bit. Just to keep my options open really.

It’s interesting you say you’re waiting for x64bit. After 18 months (Oct 2009) of building up to x64bit, a lot of the developers are not there yet. For that reason I had drifted back to x32 projects and jBridged any large sample based vstis if required, 2 GB isn’t that much nowadays. By using jBridge, outstside the 32 bit footprint/limitation, is proving to be a good work around.

Each to their own…if you need, desire or want the Waves tools I really wouldn’t wait hold back just for x64bit I thoroughly believe there is not need.

Good luck chap

Nice one MFX. And thanks very much for your input. Certainly got me thinking!