Waves 8?


I just stepped over the new Waves 8 upgrade. Seems awesome to me!


In the days of discontinued hardware bundled solutions (TC Powercore) those native Plugins seems more and more interesting to me again - Waves was there since day one… basically… And it does not seem to disappear…

But there are points who confuzing me:

Important Notes

  • V6, V7, and V8 can all run concurrently on the same computer. However, V8 and Waves versions V4 and V5 cannot.

  • All previous versions of products that you update will be removed from your iLok and replaced by V8. After updating to V8, you will not be able to use these versions again.

Makes that sence? Having V7 and V8 on the same computer (I would be afraid that V8 is not compatible with V7 settings…??!) but only be able to use V8 anymore…? That would mean that I am not able to open old sessions on my old DAW running V7 anymore? Any info here?


V8 opens V7 based session files and settings just fine - no need to panic.


Do you like V8? Seems to have some cool enhancements.

What about the 64 bit OS support ?

V8 System Requirements
Operating System PC
WinXP 32-bit SP2 & SP3
Vista Business 32-bit SP1
Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP1
Windows 7 32-bit

Does anyone knows if it runs under Win7 64 bit even with a 32 bit host ?


All uur machines are W7-64bit, and mostly running Nuendo5-32bit.
All is fine here.


Cool! Thanks.

I was just thinking the same thing. My first plugins I bought were Waves Gold and TC Native - this was years ago…back in Sonar or probably Cakewalk Days. And While WAVES have been a constant and still support and update my “NG” plugins, TC dumped Native half-baked and are now leaving Powercore high and dry. And putting the plugins on “sale” right before they announced that - that was really low :smiling_imp: I can’t imagine buying any TC products again.

Yes, Waves 8 seems good - working well with Nuendo 5x32 on Win7x64. Does not work at all with Nuendo x64.