Waves 9 and 6.0.4/6.0.5 crashes

I have massive problems with Waves 9 plug ins (r12) and Nuendo 6. When exchanging plug ins first nothing happens and then Nuendo crashes (just disappears). I deleted all old files, uninstalled, called the police etc. but the problem reappears after some time. Sometimes after a fresh install of Waves V9 all seems to work fine and then derails again.
Any ideas? Nuendo 5.5 runs flawless with the same Waves plug ins.

Another problem is the crash of Nuendo after closing a project and trying to load another. Just clicking on the menu leads to a crash. The crash is always just a disappearing Nuendo, no msg., alert box or anything.

MacPro HexCore, OSX 10.8.3 …

I found the same problem, but only with N6 32bit. Works as it should with N6 64bit.

It is only with N6 32bit! While steinberg is silent as a rock about this I was in talks with Waves - their support is first class. I gave them all necessary information and all is now at their development team. Their first guess was something about graphic drivers but the problem is neither in N5.5 nor N6 64bit. The bug can be seen as confirmed by Waves but it would be helpful you report this too.

Waves released the new Version V9r13 and I cannot provoke this error anymore.
They told me that it would be fixed in this new version.
I recommend to download this version ASAP.