waves 9 crash C5 32bit , but not C7 64 bit

Hey everyone
I never had this problem before on any computer, but I just got a new computer to my studio
I installed both C5 32 bit and C7 64 bit

Everything worked fine for a while, but then WAVES 9 stopped working on C5 saying “A serious problem has occurred…”
Still works fine on C7 though

Any ideas why it started happening?

Wow great support Steinberg!

The distributor in my country doesn’t want to help me because I bough through Ebay, and here apparently no one cares…

For future purposes: this is a forum for C7, not officially Steinberg support, though reps from Steinberg do participate. Your query is about C5 and you do not post any of your specs. It is impossible to give you any help. Which versions of Cubase, which version of Waves, what hardware and systems you use…

Anyway, it took me 5 seconds to find out that Waves 9 does not support Cubase 5… :unamused:



Wow thanks for the support