Waves 9 in Wavelab Elements 8?

I’m helping a friend get going in Wavelab 8 Elements. His Waves bundle was just installed but does not appear in Wavelab Elements. I tried pointing it to the vstplugins folder where the individual files are. Wavelab scanned them all, and now has them in a list to be ignored. I realized (too late) that I had pointed to the wrong folder. I took the (x86) folder OUT OF the scan on startup section of the plugins manager and redirected to the (x64) folder containing waveshell. I selected ALL of the plugins and scheduled Wavelab to rescan on startup. I don’t see it scanning anything on startup, and the (x86) plugins are still in the ignored list.

How can I remove them and get Wavelab to scan in the right place?

Erase the peference folder:
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 8

Thank you, Philippe!