Waves and Wavelab 11


It seems that the Waves and Wavelab plugins have a conflict here.
I use Waves V9 and V10

UI is unusable because it is displayed on a quarter of the plugin window, while actions should be done on the whole surface.
Example :

Moreover when closing this plugin window, WL sometimes crashes.

This is the only plugin editor where this happens.

Is it coming from Wavelab?

Thank you.

Solved : My Waves versions are too old .
Updated to V14 : Work fine in Wavelab 11.1.

I was going to suggest this. I don’t use much Waves these days but V13 was working OK for me, and V14 that I just installed is OK too.

I think they were using some different graphics specs back in V9 and V10 that WaveLab didn’t really support.