Waves "Center" plugin GUI problem in WL8.5

I noticed that the Waves Center plug-in appears incorrect in Wavelab 8.5. It’s missing some knobs and the sliders don’t work properly either. You can still adjust the slider settings by guessing where the manual numerical box should be and entering a numerical value.

I’ll attach a screen shot of Center in both Wavelab 8.0.3 and 8.5 to show the difference.

I’m using OSX 10.9.2 and Waves V9r18 (the most recent). I haven’t tested all Waves plugins yet, but Center is definitely strange.

***I notice that WL 8.5 32-bit mode looks ok, but in 64-bit, the GUI for center is not right.

I discovered by chance today that if you have more than one plugin in a chain, and go between Waves Center and something else, the Waves Center then appears ok but you have to toggle to another plugin first and go back to Waves Center. If Center is the only plugin on a chain, it appears strange.

Is this more of a Waves issue or Wavelab issue?

I didn’t see this happening in WL 8.0.3 64-bit, and WL 8.5 32-bit doesn’t seem to do this, only WL 8.5 64-bit