Hi guys,

I am considering buying EMI TG12345 channel strip from waves website as it seem to be in a very good price from $299 to $49.
So I am more into EDM but trying to get into rock/pop for mixing purpose learning. It is worth to have it?
Any of you make a good use out of it?

It seem to be very decent as it is made in partnership with Abbey Road.

Thank you

I use Cubase 8 Pro.


in short words. BUY IT!!! For this Price, don’t ask. Just buy it. I own it, i use it (all Abbey Road Plugs) and i love it. For me and my Music (Soul/RNB) it’s perfect. Do it. It sounds really fantastic, if you wanna have these “old days” sound. One of my all times fav. Plug In.


I got it. For $49. Bargain.
Now have to learn how to use it properly.

Thank you.

Well done. It sounds really fantastic. Hope you enjoy and like it too.

http://www.myfacewhen.net/view/6346-clap :wink:



It is the best of the Abbey Road “Channel Strips” IMO. $49 is a no-brainer.