Waves -Huge Sale....

I know they do promotions all the time, but I’ve never seen as many massive deals as today, for Easter I assume.
Just a heads up.

And no, I don’t do marketting for them!!

I know there are a lot waves haters out there, but often I find it is because there is this misconception of how their licencing works and not the plugins themselves. Their confusing update plan is one of the most contentious topics about their plugins. However, I must say that once you realize that you are not required to make constant paid updates, like some people seem to indicate in various forums, it isn’t as scary a purchase as some may lead you to believe. Waves does make some great plugins and this sale is up there with a black friday sale, especially on the single plugins.

Also, to make this Cubase relevant, I have never had a Waves plugin crash or mess up any way on my system which means a lot to me and the quality of their software.

Some real gems:
Puigtec EQs
Kramer PIE compressor
DBX 160 compressor

The ones you mentioned are all massively reduced. I spent $256 on $1990 worth of full price plugins. Anyway, just a heads up if anyone is keen.

I agree with what Racer67 wrote. I avoided them for -years- because of bad mouthing from UAD users and my own misunderstand about their licencing. But I was wrong. Iff you get them at the right time they are amazingly cheap… and the sound quality is, IMO quite favourable with UAD2 and -any- other high end plugs.

Well, I own Gold, Vocal Rider, and the CLA Bundle which I use frequently. I don’t pay too much attention to the sales now because I have more than enough plugins now. But the Wave Plugins are very good. It took me a little while to sort out the licensing, But once I got it, all was well.
One thing about the Waves Update Plan. Unless they’ve changed it, you get the 1st two years of upgrades free, which is more than (ahem…) most anyone else does.

I 've used Waves Xcrackle and Xclick years ago to reststore Vinyl recordings from old vintage 78’s on down. Amazing results.
You can select and hear what noise is being stripped and adjust for maximum audio retention. Still high priced though.

I also see haters whining about the UI. They don’t seem to understand that some of the Waves plugins are older than they are. Trueverb is probably 20 years old. I appreciate the “treat it like hardware” approach that Waves takes. Once the plugin is “done”, its done. It will look and sound the same two decades later, like a piece of hardware. It’s not like they never update their stuff, they just don’t update it and call it the same plugin.


PS - The sale IS insane, there won’t be deals like this again until Christmas. Even stuff that’s regularly on sale had a sale price 30% lower than that.

This couldn’t have come at a better time - just realized I ‘need’ Abbey Road Reverb Plates after missing it on sale recently. Figured I’d have to wait 'til Christmas.

It’s a miracle!!!

ps. And if you don’t already have a discount coupon from a prior Waves purchase, they’re all over Twitter, Facebook, RetailMeNot, etc. It’ll take another 10% off. That’s on top of the Easter sale, volume discounts, etc.

Last night I bought the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter plug-in for $59. I understand this plug-in was over $300 at one time. It’s by far the best exciter plug-in I’ve heard, and very close to the original hardware, apparently… not that I’ve ever used the hardware. But anyway, it’s infinitely better than the Izotope exciter IMO.


Seems that all the top flight plugin makers, Waves, Izotope, Soundtoys etc, have all recently been offering large reductions and good bundle offers. This maybe reflects the fact that the plugin market is becoming saturated and the original high prices can no longer be sustained. I’d guess these sorts of offers will continue in the future, and that prices will fall generally. Can only be good news for we consumers. :slight_smile:

Yer, Waves’re always having a sale but sometimes you get very good deals, a while back I got the Platinum bundle for a few hundred quid, and I think it’s on sale again now! Just got Soundtoys bundle for half price too.


I am a UAD user, but I don;t think that many of us have an aversion to using waves plugins where they offer something different. I have just picked up Vinyl and the Pie compressor very cheaply and I am very pleased.

Off topic, but I really wish Steinberg would take this approach. Waves have always made sure that even their oldest plugins are still available on the latest hardware/DAW/OS so you don’t have to worry about old projects not sounding right. I’d be very happy if Steinberg did this for their VST plugins too!!


Just curious - which ones.?

More off topic… Particularly the old ModDelay plugin… But it’s always a nightmare opening old projects because many old native plugins don’t exist in the latest releases, and if they’re instruments then you’re stuck with trying to find ‘that’ sound again somehow… I have a large library of many projects which are basically doodles I’ve penned over the years, and I use these when I need to write new songs, so I really would like them to load up and sound the same a few years later (e.g. created in WinXP and SX3, now needed in Win10+Cb9). Really, the old plugins are still good and have a place, just like old hardware, just like old Waves plugins :slight_smile:


Karlette is gone now that 32 bit plugs aren’t supported.


just got cla 2a and 3a for 29 each after coupons and api 2500 for 41 mad cheap

What is this post doing in this forum?

Mike, you should get into the habit of printing down the chains and instruments. It’s the only way to ensure that a project will open and sound the same many years later. It just takes a little discipline to do it. I have client and personal material that dates back to sx1. I learned the hard way. You just have to at some point print things down to ensure the archive

Nope, they re-released it in a 64-bit version as part of VST Classics Vol.2 a few years ago!