Waves InPhase Plugin

Hi everyone - does anyone out there have any experience using Waves’ InPhase plugin in Cubase? I purchased it yesterday and am having a difficult time getting it set up properly. Waves’ users manual and their short tutorials base everything on running it in Pro Tools, which is of little value to us in the Cubase world. The routing systems are quite different, as I’m sure many of you know. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

No experience, but I did learn more about this plugin (in Cubase) via:


And what exactly is the problem you need help with…?

First of al…Are they Showing up in the plug in menue ?
if not scan your drive paths for new plug ins
you do this by.:
click the "studio " menue
look for and click plug ins(i think its called plug in management or somthing on that line)
when you open up this anager you will see all the installed vst and vsti along with the dreaded Blacklist
at the very bottom of thes frame you will see the info and settings icons
click there to reviel your vst plug ins path…
click on the scan icon (aarow in a circular form to the top right of the settings window … easy to spot)

it may take up to 30 seconds but not much longer (system dependent i guess ) then your new installed pluging will be added to the list
if not pick another path or make a new one if you installed the vsts anywhere other than the standard path
failing that check to see if you have installed the 64bit vsts if not the blacklist will have them in there (nothing other than 64bit will be installed without a bridging program)
one more thing seems obvious but ask i will …
have you registered and activated the waves vsts ? is your waves centrall up to date ?
hope this helps
if not please expand on your problem so some one can help you quicker
Cheers .

LT version or the full version??
as far as i know the PT and cubase workflow with the plug in are the same
its been a while since i tryed that plug in what i can remeber from it was i hated it
the Gui was not very intuitive and the resuls where… dare i say… never really finished
at the moment i use my ears and then phase flip in the chan strip or the audio menue…
if is very bad i will drag tracks by hand (zoom zoom zoom ))
when that brings no joy re record errrrrgh lol…
the new audio allign feature might work but i have not used that yet…

I have InPhase - and NEVER use it, since I think it is too convoluted. Also, the gui is extremely small and difficult to work with. I have a lot of Waves plugins, most of which I love and use a lot. This one is an exception.


For sure InPhase doesn’t have the most intuitive GUI, but it’s a useful plugin. [Audio Align is a whole different thing and would cause a load of phase issues in a classic phase alignement use case.]

Here’s how I set it up for alignment of one track to another:

alpha is set to CH1/2, which means it represents the track it’s inserted on.
beta is set to SideChain.
Monitor: is listen to alpha.

Tip: set it up that way and store it as default preset :wink:

In this example it’s inserted on the snare top track, sidechain is fed by the snare bottom track. Hit play and the Capture button on InPhase, after a few seconds you’ll get the visual representation of the phase correlation between the tracks. After that I just work on the alpha portion of the plugin, delay and sometimes frequency phase shifting. beta isn’t heard with that monitor setting and doesn’t get altered anyway.

alpha set to CH1, beta to CH2 should work for stereo tracks, then the beta portion has effect, monitoring should be set to Stereo Mix in that case.

Hope that helps.