Waves InPhase

I’ve been evaluating this and I’m at a bit of a loss why it’s getting such good reviews. First it suggests, and provides, the function to add a delay to get the two “out of phase” signals in sync. Then it uses filters to compensate for any losses due to this initial shift. So is this the same (rhetorical question I think) as just lining up the waves in Wavelab and using a filter, or is there some other cunning manipulation that I’m missing here? It works of course, but is it any different or indeed easier than doing this in Wavelab.

What do you want to achieve in the end?

When I record guitar I usually experiment with different mic/placement/pattern to get a the sound and of course that’s one mic so no phase issues. But with bass I usually use a Di/Mic combination, and of course multitrack drums where I use 8 mics. I spend a bit of time getting the drums sounding good before I start so I am quite happy with the drums. I can usually get a decent sound for bass as well though as the bass is usually recorded in the control room I don’t get the chance to hear the two signals summed. If I get a bass sound I’m not happy with I can reamp. So no real need up to now for phase alignment.

I am always striving to improve things though, and the impression I get from the opinions out there is that phase aligning, say, the drum tracks increases clarity and punch. The same is true for bass mic/di. I was also contemplating experimenting with using a room mic with the cab mic on guitar and phase/time aligning to bring them into “focus”. I have already had some good result using MS for guitar but again as the mics are on the same plane any phase issues would be due to the relections coming from different direction (90deg) and would be minimal I think.

The inPhase plugin has delay, filters, and a correlation meter, and so far with my limited experimentation doesn’t seem to do that much to what I’ve got.

In reply to your question, I want to achieve better recordings, but if time aligning is all thats required plus a bit of eq then I don’t think I will gain any real advantage by buying the plugin. Unless of course the plugin simplifies what is otherwise a much longer and more complex process. Basically Phillipe I don’t know.

With problematic multiple mic recordings and phase problems I got nice results with this:

Big K

Thanks fro the reply Big K unfortunately I don’t have a UAD card, on the road just now, so will have another think about this when I return home. Maybe I’ll try and make some well out of phase recordings to see how various methods of fixing them work/don’t work so I get a better handle on whats possible.

Rockville, I totally get what you are asking. I have looked at this plugin, too. I have decided the issue it might solve is the one more typically found on a drum kit. A drum kit not mic’d up very well. Which begs the question, do we learn how to mic up a kit better? Or do we buy a plugin that attempts to solve some very basic mic’ing issues? And btw, I am not saying this plugin will actually correct a bad mic job, because I don’t know. I doubt it though. Too, you have to wonder, how did people make good records without it these past 70 years?

I am laughing at my former mic’ing skills as I write this, btw, because I used to do some pretty stupid things on my kit. To the point that this plugin actually might have improved my results. Ha! But I learned. Now I do pretty much what all my heros did/do. You can’t argue with success.