Waves J37 is freezing Cubase

Dear all,

I would appreciate very much to get your help: I am using Cubase Artist 8.5, Windows 8 (64 Bit).

I recently purchased (and installed) four Waves plugins (C6, Maximizer L3-16, H-Reverb and J37 tape simulator). All plugins work well as usual with one exception: J37. I can chose the J37 in the Cubase plugin-manager to make it available, e.g. as insert effect. I can also chose J37 once (e.g. chosing it as insert effect) and the J37 plugin-window opens as it should (the plugin also works, e.g. I can select pre-sets). As soon as I open J37 a second time (that means I close the J37 window and simply try to open it again), Cubase freezes (no reaction to any mouse clicks etc), when I open the Windows task manager, it describes Cubase as ‘inactive’ and CPU-activity for Cubase is shown as > 50 %. This issue is reproducable.

I doublechecked, whether I have a V9 version AND a V10 version, as I read on the Waves troubleshooting site, but as all other plugins, the J37 is installed just once (as V10 version).

I also used the repair option in Waves Central, without success, Cubase still is freezing, when I simpl open J37 a second time.

Let me thank you for any assistance you can give me, I was so excited to have this tool purchased now and would like to use it asap.

Best regards