Waves L1, L2, L3 plugs not being recognized

Hello, I am very new to wavelab and just finished my install of Wavelab7. The problem that I am having is that Wavelab is not seeing my Waves L1, L2, and L3 plugs. Wavelab showing me all of my other Waves plugins but not these three for some reason. How can I get wavelab to allow me to use these plugs that are installed on my system.


Hello and welcome,

This might be a little stupid but: have you installed patch 7.01 of Wavelab, from the Download page?

I’m sure you did :confused:

Yes I downloaded the new patch, but for some reason it shows me all of my other waves plugs but omits the L1, L2, and L3! The ones I really need to use at this point. This is driving me nuts because it doesn’t make any sense.

Have you gone into the “Plug-in Organization” function?

Have you re-scanned your plug-ins in the “VST Plug-in Settings” function (and re-start Wavelab after that)?

Weird because I’m using L1 on Elements with no problem at all.

The L1, L2 and L3 can probably be found in the dither section, above the render button.
You can also make them appear in the normal plugin section if you check the corresponding fields in the plugin organization window.

Thanks LutzR! That fixed it. They were not checked in the organization window for effects. I am a newbie, what can I say, thanks again.