Waves L2 in Wavelab Elements 7?

I’m having an issue with Waves L2 (actually all the Waves Maximizers) in Wavelab Elements 7. The plugins show up as choices in the post-fader effects slot, but will not launch. No crashes, no messages, etc, just no launch. Wavelab internal dithering is selectable and does work. All of the Waves Diamond Bundle plugins that show up in the Wavelab pre-fader effects slots work properly. The L2 and L1 Maximizers also work as they should in Cubase LE5, but I really need them to work in Wavelab. Any thoughts?

Did you solve this?

Nope. Pulling hair out in frustration.

When you say ‘post fader’ I don’t know what that means. Lets assume you are talking about the last efx slot in the program, the slot that a ‘Master efx’ or dither plugin would go. Correct? You need to open the WL file that pertains to plugins. This is the same file that will allow your to rescan your plugins when you add new ones, you must know this one? Well, in that same file is a window that displays all the plugins that you use in WL with two check boxes beside the particular plugin. You need to check BOTH boxes to make the plugin show up in the efx window where your dithering plugin shows up.

Well,at least that’s what I think you are talking about. Now, if you are just saying that you can’t open the plugin at all in any window in the WL Master out section, and yet it shows up in the WL VST list… Are you saying this?

P.S. After writing this I have been thinking about that ‘Post Fader’ terminology you used? Thinking about it, it makes sense that this slot would be post fader, but I have not read this anywhere. Is this in the manual somewhere? Page?

I’m talking about the faders in the master section of Wavelab. I’m not aware of any other faders in the program… if there are, sorry for the confusion. The post fader slot is the dither slot, where one would normally use a maximizer like Waves L2. L2 shows up as a choice, but doesn’t launch. Nothing happens. L2 also shows as a choice in the Wavelab effects slots and will launch from there (strange) and L2 will also launch and work from a Cubase effects insert, so I believ the L2 plugin is working correctly. But, that’s not where I want to use it. I’d like to use it where it’s designed to be used.

Did you not read my post? In the first paragraph towards the end I talk about a window that you have to open and then check on a box that will allow the L2 to show up in the dither slot. In fact, you can check this box (individually!) for any aftermarket plugin you have to allow it to appear in the dither box. OK? In the project window, ‘Utilities>Plugin Organization’, I think that’s the path.

As far as using a plugin where it should be used, I would just say to not discount the factory WL plugins, but sure, the L2 is meant to be a last in line plugin.

Did you not read my post(s)?
L2 is already in the list of choices for the dither slot.
It SHOWS UP in the dither plugin list like it should.
It just doesn’t ever OPEN in the dither slot.
I don’t think it would be there if the correct box was not checked, (which BTW I can’t find any such box to check, either where suggested or otherwise.) There is no such thing as a “Project Window” mentioned anywhere in the user manual. The three choices in the menu under “Utilities” have nothing to do with plugins. There is a plugin settings tool, but it just points Wavelab to third party folders. I had Wavelab “rescan for plugins on next launch” and it’s still the same.
But thanks for trying to help.

IMHO, there is no comparison to the Wavelab internal dithering plugin and Waves L2.
Also, as an experiment, I rendered a file with L2 in an effects slot and it worked great, but it’s still not right.

Ah, OK, true, if you can scan your plugins then WLE7 will put the plugin into the first four slots - this is a stock feature. HOWEVER, to add the particular plugin to the last slot, YOU need to open that tab very close the the scan plugin window and check the second box that is there… Believe me this box is there. In fact, by checking the second box by the particular plugin, you can place ANY Waves plugin into the last slot.

Please try to be more self investigative here because I don’t particularly tend to remember the names of the tabs and the various windows that I open to change things. No disrespect meant, but I just do it by step memory when I open the project window.? I know, I am not being much of a helper here but you can find this window I am talking about. Also keep in mind that when I post here I am on my iPad, I don’t post from my DAW.

I had the same problem. After a couple of hours of head scratching and cursing, it occurred to me that I needed to download the latest update to Elements 7. I had just purchased/installed a boxed version which had likely been sitting on a shelf for a while. After installing the latest update, the L2 worked immediately.