Waves L2 UltraMaximiser -$29

Waves is doing a pretty big sale plus they’ve sent a $50 off coupon. The L2 (my all time favorite limiter) is $79 so would be discounted to $29. Especially now that Waves is non Ilok ,pretty hard to resist. Anyone have a fav limiter they think is better?


Aloha M,
You are sooo right.

For Waves products these prices are amazing.
They must be coming out with some new stuff soon.

Tanx for the link.


Good deals. The Native Power Pack is really tempting me…

Sonnox limiter is probably my fav. Used to use the L2 all the time though.

Just got it ! Today is the last days of this sale BTW,. It appears they’ve sent everyone the same extra $50 off code


Aloha M,

After you have used it for a while
and you get some time,
please let us know how it works out.

All the juicy details :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What the copy protection deal on that unit?


I used the L1 a lot in a studio that I worked. I found it fantastic as a limiter and expect the same from the L2. Copy protection seems to be a downloaded app and on register. No Ilok

If your machine is not on-line you actually have to use a USB drive, another dongle in fact, now I have three :open_mouth: . In my case I would have preferred iLok, seeing as I already have that (same as many other users).



That must be really frustrating. I’m fortunate that I listened to Lenny Lee and put my new daw online. Setup for all of my software wold have ten time more difficult I have another PC and an Ipad for web surfing so for me It’s the way to go

So to throw in a dumb question (from a new C7 user) -

How does the generic C7 compare the Waves maximisers? I’m assume better of course, but is the difference that the generic C7 maximiser (lets say the generic limiter as well) simply isn’t worth using?

I’ve been eyeing off the monthly Waves sales, but have been a bit clueless as to where to start!

good question

I wouldn’t rule out the C7 limiter at all. I’ve used it recently and had good results. For me ,I just got used to the Waves limiter. I’m pretty sure comparable results could be had from using the C7 plug in , I just don’t have the urge to experiment. I also have the Focusrite Liquid Mix ,which has excellent comps and limiters. Just that at the price of $29, I couldn’t pass on the L2

$28.50 too expensive