Waves Licences problem Im having-Solved

I have of course emailed Waves on this

Is anyone having to recover licences every new day they start Cubase?


I’m using Waves licenses here (9 version) without issues (Cubase 6.5.5/7.0.6/7.5).

Waves have replied already

Suggested I may have caused this with a WIFI adapter I’ve recently plugged in Via USB (so to use My Ipad to control Cubase)

We’ll see if that’s cured it if I no longer have this plugged in and run Cubase tomorrow and get no Issues

Yes - I am as well.

I’ve not plugged anything in - no WiFi - no nothing.

Happens in 7.5 - every 2 -3 times.

I’ve rolled back to 7.0.6. so we’ll have to see if it happens there as well. [Never used to though before I installed 7.5.]

Today I ran cubase after unplugging the said wifi adapter

And no issues

Not going to mark the thread as solved until a week though.

This doesn’t however solve my want to control cubase with my iPad

Anyone know how I get a wifi dongle not to mess up my waves life (have also asked waves)

Turns out (according to Waves)

that a usb flash drive is the best place to have you licences, as opposed to on the computer

That’s exactly what I had to do, and it’s all because some hardware changed status. Really bad sort of C/P anyway, and at least a USB stick works.


That’s where I’ve had mine all along - on a dedicated USB stick with nothing else on it but my Waves licenses.

So, not sure what the fix would be here.

Didn’t have this issue with 2 other DAWs.

Not with C7.0.6 either, from what I can recall - just C7.5.

Well, I am using Waves Licenses tied to my computer (not in a USB stick). No issues here (Cubase 7.5 too).

Might have to try that, although I fired up 7.5 again today for the first time in about 10 days to try something else and the message didn’t come up this time. :confused: