waves modified in audacity doesn't work

hello I used audacity to reduce noise from a wave.
Everything woks, I import in cubase the modified wave but…it sounds like the original like it seems nothing has been done with the elaboration.

Enyone can help?

Hi and welcome,

To me it sounds, the modification has not be really printed to the WAV. I don’t how does Audacity behave, but in Cubase it’s the same. If you apply Direct Offline Process, it’s not printed to the file. Cubase is using Edits folder, where are the edited files available. You have to Bounce the Audio event or Export Audio Mixdown it in Cubase. I expect Audacity might behave somehow similar.

So the question is, how did you get the file from Audacity? Was it Bounced/Printed/Rendered/Exported…?