Waves Musicians II Bundle

SamAsh sells the Waves Musicians II Bundle for USD$128. It contains the following plug-ins:

Renaissance EQ
Renaissance Axx
Renaissance Vox
Renaissance Compressor

I’ve heard lots of things about their EQ, and the Doubler sounds interesting (I’ve been thinking of writing a quick VST to do something like this myself) and I wouldn’t mind checking out Vox and Compressor but everyone claims their compression is great so I’ll reserve judgment until I play with them (if ever).

Comments on the quality of the software and the price?

Compared to what Waves were priced at, this is a good price. I gotta say though, Waves gold now compared to what it was a year ago, or even still 2 years ago, has come down considerably and is now at a price that id actually call cheap. Not sure how its priced where you are but here in the UK i can get it for less than twice this bundle you mention and for the money you get a whole lot more. Now that is a great deal and worth the extra stretch if you can make it.

I wish it were only twice as much. SamAsh lists it for $479 and they are usually in the middle of the range of street prices. :frowning:

ok maybe i was slightly out. but i can get waves gold right now for £264. thats the best ive ever seen it. And i have been looking. :slight_smile:

Here the Musicians Bundle best price is £129

As a middle grounds Waves silver is actually #£129. there too you get a lot more for the same price. I know its a different economy but Silvers def worth a lookin.

You aren’t kidding about the Waves plugins being expensive. The native X-Click is $300 by itself and $500 for TDM! :astonished: Now we know why they sale bundles. :neutral_face: