Waves plug-ins sale

I’m sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere but for those of you that haven’t seen it, Waves have a sale on right now and some of their plug-ins are at silly prices. I feel like a kid in a toy shop :slight_smile:

IR-L (Convolution reverb with over 100 impulse responses) is $64! How can I not buy it?

(I am in no way affiliated with Waves - I just wanted to share the joy!)


I saw this thread and went over to pick up Waves Tune- I already had a Waves voucher as well, and ended up getting the plugin for a great price. I actually wanted Tune for use with Ableton Live. Cubase already has PitchCorrect and VariAudio, but I didn’t have anything like that for Live. So, score! Or so I thought!

After installing and registering the plugin I fire up Live only to find the plugin’s not there. I launch Cubase 6.5 and find the plugin’s working fine. Turns out that Cubase is one of only 5 DAWs that Waves Tune is compatible with. And that’s the one DAW of mine that doesn’t need it at all! DOH!!!

ALL native Waves plugins work on Cubase though, according to their chart. Just gotta check first if you ever use something else, I guess.

waves were always expensive in the past but now they have very competitive pricing. i’ve bought a few in the last year. i find vocal rider extremely useful. and trans-x is good on drums. i bought ir-l in case my wizooverb ever dies!
jjp drums plugin is surprisingly good. a crowd pleaser… ed