Waves plug ins won't open up in Wavelab

The Wave plug ins open in Cubase but not Wavelab. I did a “rescan plug ins next time it opens” and it scanned everything. I did not get an error message. However when I try to open up any Wave plug in in VST or VST3, I get an error message

"A serious error has occurred inside the plug in Waves. Wavelab could not control it bit it would be best to save your work and restart Wavelab.

Please advise what steps I need to do to make them work.

Thank you

What waves version?

Waves version 9

I confirmed I have the lastest update of Wavelab 7.

Waves 9 supports WaveLab 8, and reciprocally.

Any suggestions what I can do to have them work?

If you have kept a version of Waves 8, you could use it. In this case, put the Waveshell in a place only scanned by WaveLab 7.

Looks like I will be buying version 8

You won’t regret it - not just for Waves compatibility.

Just ordered Wavelab 8 update from Sweetwater. I was told it comes with a dongle. I assume I will use the current dongle I have for my other Steinberg software.

Received Version 8 and the Wave plug ins and everything works just great. I also like the look of Wavelab 8 better along with the updated features. :mrgreen: