Waves plugin not found in Wavelab

I’ve installed the latest version (V9) of Z-Noise (great tool!) from Waves, but it is not shown in Wavelabs VST-plugins. The previous time I updated Z-Noise Wavelab automaticaly found it. Does anyone know what’s wrong here?

I had a similar issue with my Waves L2, L3 and other L series stuff not showing up in Waveleb. I had to go into the VST Plug-in organization page under the options menu, find the missing plugins and check the “effects” box as it was just considered a “post” plug-in by default.

I hope that helps your situation.

My Waves Z-Noise is not in the list of the organisation page. When I open Waves License Center I can see it is there. But I remember Wavelab detected some problems with some dll files and asked me if I wanted to use the Plugin in future (or something like that). Maybe something is wrong with Z-Noise itself ans it’s better to reinstall it. :frowning: