Waves plugin not showing up? Mac cubase 7.5

So I have two other plugins that I bought before that work on both my Mac and PC. I use a external hd for the licenses. The thing is I just bought the puigtec eq’s and no matter what I do they do not show up in cubase? I haven’t been able to try on my PC since I don’t have access to that yet.

Anyone else have this issue?


Read, how to install Waves plug-ins. Because if Waves-Shell, it is somehow specific.

I figured it out. The problem is that my Mac will not send any files to my external hd. It works on PC but not Mac. So i sent the license to the Mac HD instead of my external one and it worked. The funny thing is that when I sent the license to the external hd it didn’t say there was an error?

Anyway I figured it out because before I tried to send some files on my Mac to my external HD and it wouldn’t let me, so I figured this could be the only problem.