Waves plugin settings not loaded in other Mac

I am using N4 and using Waves plugin…
there are two Mac computer using N4 and the Waves plugin. After i have done one project on a Mac, i copy the whole folder and project to other Mac and try open the folder…
stange that the waves plugin setting won’t follow the previous one…just the Nuendo preset plugin can loaded back…why and what can i do to ensure the plugin setting of Waves can move from one Mac to the other? Thanks!!!

Are you sure that you have the same Waves version installed on both computers?


indeed. much more info needed:

which mac?
which os?
which waves bundle and version?

I am using Mac OS X Ver 10.6.8
2x2.8 Ghz Quadcore Intel Xeon
4 GB 800 Mhz DDR2 FB-DIMM
and the waves plugin are Waves Mercury 8

both macs the same?

post up an project file (without audio) and i’ll see if it loads here.