Waves Plugins crashing C9

Anyone else seeing this? When the transport is running (playing a sequence or song) If I have a WAVES plugin open, and I try to manually double-click on a parameter, and then punch in the desired number on the keypad, right when I hit ENTER, Cubase 9 crashes, and shuts the program down, with no log report. This is EXTREMELY irritating as I’ve lost everything since my last autosave, and this has been happening since I installed C9. This only happens when PLAY is engaged.

I know the automatic response is probably “well why don’t you stop the sequence, make your adjustment and then start it again?”

BECAUSE I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO is my reponse. :smiley:. haha! I’ve been doing this for years with Cubase with narry an issue.

Has this already been addressed? If not, can I make it an issue request? I know exactly how to make it happen and can describe it step by step.

I just tried here Cubase 9 and windows 10 and waves plugins
No problems at all so its not a universal thing


For reference it doesn’t happen on my system (unless I’m missing something from your description?).
Do you have the latest updates of the Waves plugins and indeed Cubase 9.0.30?

yes definite Cubase 9.0.3… My Waves aren’t updated however. I’ll have to look into that.

It’s just strange, as soon as I made the switch from 8.5, everything went haywire. And not just with that either - Drumagog started crashing my system too, it’s like I have to walk on eggshells now with these plugins. I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the whole 32bit support gone. But not sure why it would be.

I have issues from time to time loading plugs for the first time while audio is playing. For example, if audio is playing and I initiate the first instance of a Slate plug the audio will freeze and if I try to load 10 or more instances at a time sometimes, it will crash Cubase. Cubase loads all plugs when it is opened, but it seems as though it does not authorize all plugs until they are used. I use Slate as an example, but I have noticed the same behavior with Waves, Izotope, etc. plugs. The best thing to do is upon the first instance of a manufacturer’s plug is load and instance while not playing and then you should be ok going forward. It is hard to remember when you are in the zone, but it is a good workaround. I have had Slate plugs kill a session with the first instance on several tracks,but after 1 instance using multiple instances seems stable,

I don’t have this problem with Waves, so definitely something with just your system. On the subject of crash dumps, have you checked in the MyDocuments/Steinberg/CrashDumps folder?


def sounds like not updated plugins. Because C9 doesn’t support 32 bits, which what was probably being used on your C8 install. Now that it looks for 64 bits, good chance just update that will fix it.