Waves plugins in VST Live, some not loading

I have a situation when Waves plugins V13 and V10/V11 are loading, but V12 are not loading. So I have API EQ and Compressor plugins V12 and they don’t appear in plugin list. In Cubase, WaveLab and other programs everything from Waves is loading. All plugins are installed VST3.
Can someone check this out?


do you have an instruction how to install Waves V12? It’s very difficult to install older versions. Do you use Windows or macOS?

Thank you,

Hi, I had the same problem. VL can not start with V12 plugins (under Windows) so I had to update all my Waves Plugins. Unfortunately, one of my plugins is not available as V14, but in the moment I dont realy use them in VL. But after updating the plugins VL starts very fast on my system.

@Spork they had installed when V12 was the latest. I didn’t upgrade them, but additionally bought Horizon when latest was V13 and was too late to upgrade existing plugins for free. I don’t see any reason to upgrade because I’m happy with those versions I have.

@Detgyver Do you mean uninstall and reinstall everything? Or with updating you mean upgrading?

@ArthurNeeman I upgraded them to V14.0.0 and reinstalled them and then my loadings problems were gone. By the way, since the last Update VST Live loads very fast on my System.

I uninstalled everything from Waves except Central, then I cleaned from its settings page and then installed everything. Now all Waves plugins are on the list. So upgrade to V14 isn’t necessary.

@Spork, to install older versions you should download legacy pack for that version and do offline installation. In my case I had some old V12 plugins installed while had already V13 licenses on them. Maybe this was the reason why WaveShell didn’t offer those plugins to VST Live (but other DAWs loaded them). I don’t know, but now everything is loading.

Except one little thing. Would be nice to have plugins split by vendor and/or category. I will make feature request on this.