Waves plugins loaded, but can't edit-SOLVED

My Waves v9 plugins have loaded to C10. I can load factory presets, but my user presets have all disappeared and I am unable to edit any of the settings in the factory presets to create new user presets.

The Waves plugins all still work fine in WaveLab 9.5, so the problem definitely seems to be in C10. Any clues?

Update: I have found that if I switch to the generic editor I can edit the factory plugins in C10 and save the results as user presets, but I cannot load the newly saved user presets in either the plugin editor or the generic editor. The newly saved user presets are also not visible when I use the Waves plugins in WaveLab 9.5. The Waves user presets and edit functionality also still works fine if I use C9.5 on my projects.

Update #2: After a Windows 10 update this morning the problem seems to have rectified itself.

Update #3: Restarted computer after lunch and the problem has returned.

Update #4: After the recent C10 update other problems have emerged. The original problem with Waves plugins is still there, but now every time I try to edit a wave in C10 it slows down to a standstill. I find myself waiting 30 seconds or so for each task to complete. Consequently C10 is now unusable. I have ditched it and returned to C9.5. I put in a ticket about the original problem over a month ago and as yet have received NO RESPONSE from Steinberg. I have been using Cubase since v3.0 and have never had issues like this.

SOLVED: I solved the problem a few hours ago - it was a curious one.

Several years ago I set up a custom screen resolution on my studio computer to make it easier for my old eyes to work with the ever more complex graphics in every Cubase upgrade. I have had no issues with this until Cubase 10, and only with Waves plugins. While battling with Waves L316 and trying to make all of the non-functioning buttons work in Cubase 10 I accidentally noticed a feint white flash on the screen about 5mm to the left of where the arrow cursor was clicking. I then moved the cursor about 5mm off the button, clicked, and it worked.

I reset the screen resolution to the default setting and the problem was solved. It was only a problem in Waves plugins, and only in Cubase 10 - nothing else was affected. I am guessing it is related to the combination of complex graphics.