Waves Plugins Missing in Wavelab 9.5

So, everything was fine, up until earlier today when I purchased the Mercury Bundle (upgrade) from Waves, installed them, and now I’m missing some plugins in Wavelab. I’ve been up-to-date for days too (9.5.25). By default, Waves Central auto-updates, and installs the latest versions. But get this, before anything, I opened up Cubase (because I’m currently working on a project in it), and ALL the new Waves plugins from the Mercury bundle are there, along with some of the others I previously had part of the Platinum Bundle. I did numerous things, like “force plugin detection”, run as administrator, both, and within two different startups, even more plugins were missing. Again, all work and show up fine in Cubase. What should I do? Should I contact Waves?

All plugins are missing, or only some of them?
Do you see the Waves plugins in File > Preferences > Plugins > Organize > Ignored Plugins?

Only some. I checked that even before this post already, and none of the Waves plugins are in that list. When I hit “Force Detection” on different occasions, even more were missing, and then again all came back with only a few missing… I haven’t tried uninstalling/reinstalling yet - I’m going to try that now to see what happens. But at this point anything helps.

I was on the phone with Waves for like an hour, and they tapped into my computer to try and make some re-configurations, and none of it worked. I also tried a complete uninstall, (restart), and reinstall, and only a few VST3’s show up, but all the 2.4’s are there; take a look at my screenshots. And I checked Cubase, and all the VST3’s are there, fully working. I’ve come to a conclusion that it might be a Wavelab issue. It’s okay for now as long as I have access to the 2.4’s. I’ll have to re-save my presets with those, until a new Wavelab update comes around or something.

Please click on the “force rescan” button while pressing the Control key. Instead of causing a restart, this open the file browser and select a text file that contains the result of the past scan. Please send me this file, for analysis.

Okay, I did that, and this is the file it pointed me to:

P.S. I had to put it in a zip file, because other than that, I couldn’t add it here.

Also, there are others, but this particular one is the one it pointed me to.
Plug-in Cache File.zip (13.9 KB)

Actually PG, believe it or not, thanks to you, I was able to solve the issue. I had just previously posted, that there were other cache files in that folder, but I was only pointed to the one I sent you, well, I pressed “force detect” again, and closed Wavelab and both cache files that were there. I re-opened Wavelab, let it scan, and all my plugins show up!

Interesting. Glad it works now.
There is one cache file per unique path where a WaveLab version is installed.
“force detect” is simply erasing the file of the related WaveLab.
Erasing the files manually is also possible, as these file are rebuilt on demand.

Good to know! And thanks again!