Waves Plugins not showing in Cubase Pro 9

I recently updated to Cubase Pro 9 - upon installation I decided to put together a test project to make sure my Waves (and other 3rd party plugins) still functioned ok.

The test project was created in Pro 9, my full suite of Waves plug ins showed up and were usable, I added some of these as inserts to some quickly recorded guitar tracks.

On second load Cubase warned me that it could not locate 3 plug ins, all of which are Waves plugins. As far as I know these are 64 bit and should run fine in the latest version of Waves (well, they did run once anyway!).

Anyone had similar issues? I couldn’t see anything relating to this elsewhere on the forum, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Kit: IMac late 2013, 8gb RAM, i5 3.4Ghz - Cubase Pro 9 running on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6


No successful loads yesterday, however today I have loaded Cubase 9 Pro and the Waves plugins are available - I did nothing to update or change the set up!! I will keep monitoring and close this post if they remain for the next few days.