Waves plugins not visible

I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and just got the Waves plugins in Christmas present.
BUT - I can’t seam to find them in plugin list in Cubase5.
Is it so that the Waves is not compatible with x64?

Anyone - please help…

Best wishes in the new year.


WOW - shxx…
That ruin my day.
I was SO :smiley: that finally got the Waves, and now find out they DON’T have support for x64.
Get serious WAVE, re-comp your apps to x64.

Ill now sell my plugins, and find some similar. May be diff…
Anyone know other apps that can measure WAVEs?

Best regards all…

Just wait a while for the free upgrade or J Bridge the Vst2 versions for now



@ hippo - THANKS for all help

Now i am curious - what is “J Bridge”
have I missed a important hack out there?


Try out the demo first


Well - I did that. And WOW, had to click at least over several 100 times on OK, 20 minutes only.
Sure - demo is demo.
Hoped I could use this until release from Wave with update to x64.
But to pay 15€ is not to much, just not sure it is necessary if new release is shortcoming…

Best of all to ALL who take time to reply. :smiley:
Ill try to do the same - in matters where I can…


Just sold Waves…
Ordered iZotope Ozone…

jBridge is for sure worth the $20. It’s a bargain. J is always sending free updates to his paying customers and it’s very solid.