WAVES PLUGINS on CUBASE 32bit dont work

Why my waves Gold plugin 3.5 is not showing in Cubase 6 32bit.
On the Cubase 3sx was working fine.

Any thoughts?

Aloha c, and welcome to the board.

What gear (hardware and software) are you using?

Update to v8

I’m using version 6 Waves. Does anyone know if C6 recognizes that version? Updating to version 8 costs $200.00 I think.

ok just installed version 6 and it does read Waves 6.01 no problem…whew!

Thanx for warm welcome :slight_smile:
I am using PC, win XP. Cubase 6.
Is it something about directX? Although when I install Wave plugin I choose VST option.
Or is it because is Waves 3.5 version?

Waves changed formats in version 5 so I’m pretty sure anything less than verson 5 isn’t going to work … :frowning:

so u think there is no way this 3.5 waves version is going to work on cubase 6?

99.9% sure it won’t work…sorry. I’m going to be updating to version 8 myself even though version 6 works flawless. Lots of really nice plugins added to version 8 and it only costs $160.00 for the update plus one free year of additional updates and support :slight_smile:

thanks a lot. I ll buy Ren-Deesser and C4. dont need anything else.