Waves plugins

I am struggling with a weird behavior on my different waves plugins. When I turn any knob in the plugin GUI the values don’t follow my mouse movement. It’s almost impossible to change the values with click-hold mouse button. The only thing that works are placing the mouse pointer over the knob and then scroll up and down. I have a Magic Mouse so it’s a bit hard to be precise.
Anyone who has experienced this or have a solution?
It works fine in Cubase and Logic.

I’ve had issues in the recent past with Waves plugins in Wavelab, but things are working well now in Wavelab 8.5.10 and the most recent install of Waves V9r20.

Are your plugin GUIs disfigured or do they appear stretched out looking? I had an issue were a Waves GUI would appear at a different size than it should and I had to guess where the buttons really were because the GUI was disfigured a bit. Sometimes loading another plugin (non Waves) in the plugin chain and swapping between the two GUI windows would cause the Waves plugin to appear normal after switching back.

It would help if you posted your Wavelab version number and Waves version number. Is the problem with all Waves plugins or just certain ones?

I have Waves plugins but am just getting started with WaveLabs, so I can’t comment just yet on this specific issue.

That said, I have discovered something when working in Cubase that may improve load times in WaveLabs as well. I run Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), and I’ve noticed that when real time protection is enabled, it takes Waves about 60 seconds extra to load on application startup. It hangs up momentarily on, I seem to recall, something about video processing. If I turn off real time protection, it zips right past that and loads as quickly as everything else. This behavior may present itself with other antivirus software as well.

Anyway, while this isn’t specific to the trouble you’re having, the load time drove me crazy until I figured it out, so thought I’d pass it along on a Waves related thread.

I’m on Wavelab 8.5.10 and Waves (mercury) r19.
Unfortunately I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to reproduce this behavior but it has annoyed me every time it shows up. I played around with WL for a short while trying different settings. Strangely it comes and goes and tonight it seemed to work which it didn’t earlier today. The same project with the same loaded plugins.
The GUI itself are nothing wrong with, it’s the way the parameters are changed/“jumping around” when using the mouse. The knob in the GUI follows the parameter value even when it goes crazy.
Maybe something with the mouse but since I haven’t noticed it in Logic or Cubase I suspect something else is wrong.
Last waves plugin that I used and saw this on was the Scheps 73. I will see if I can reproduce and check which plugins are affected as soon as I got time.

Hmm, Magic Mouse… I seem to remember some posts about it with similar issues. Don’t remember any solutions but a search might help you further. Usually, a Google search with steinberg.net included works best.