Waves plugs issues

I recently got some Waves plug ins and I am experiencing issues. Sometimes in the Q10 plug some buttons dissapear and ruin the eq curve. I haven’t been able to use 2 waves plug at the same time. The progress bar freezes and Wavelab 7 stop working…

Any ideas?


What OS and system? I suggest you run Woli again and repair your waves install.

Using the Waves One Knob Louder plug-in today on a clip in the montage. First time I loaded it all was correct. Second time I loaded it to a clip the graphics of the plug-in were partially missing. As I continued mixing the problem got worse and then the graphic completely disappeared.
I’m using WL 7 32bit under Windows 7 64bit.

Sounds ugly. Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit WL7? Are your Waves plugins 32 or 64 bit? I picked that plugin up too, and although I am pretty sure I won’t be using it in WL7, if I did I am very sure it would fly OK. All the Waves plugins I have tried in WL7 work as they should, graphics included.

If you are all 64 bit, then reinstall V9 and do repair. That should take care of it.