Waves PRS amp sim in Cubase, anyone else with these issues?

For one thing, I can’t run it in mono/stereo as the right side is dry. That may be my fault (thought I’m running my stereo audio channels with a mono in) but it’s HUNGRY! I mean, like 50% cpu (even when I just run it in mono). In Reason, this is not the case.

Anyone else? Thoughts?

Hi WallyWorld
I have issues since purchasing the PRS Superamps 4 days ago.
The Dry signal issue is your interface or it was with me, I was using Brainworx Sims and could not get it to be 100% FX signal always a dry signal in in parallel (this was with a MOTU 828 Mk3) MOTU advised me to Mute the the input channel ( The software mixer) this fixed the dry signal issue on all Sims I was using and also works on the PRS.
If you try soloing the the channel you use you will hear what its doing more clearly. One other thing, check to see if you are using the Stereo/Mono on a Stereo track and vice versa, that was also an issue for me.
Now I have another issue which you may or not have, which is a lot more perplexing, When I arm the guitar track (for Record) it switches off the PRS Amp that I’m using at the time, I have tried everything I know but have not solved it, yesterday I managed to get to work but it failed a few hours later.
I have sent a request to Waves but have not had a reply yet over the weekend, I don;t know if its Cubase 9.5 or Waves I don’t use any other DAWS so I cannot verify one way or another, everything is up to date here so I’m stumped.
It would be good to know other peoples experiences, because its new it may take sometime to come out

I haven’t experienced the other thing (yet) but I will try your suggestions.

Yes same issue. It’s an issue at Waves end. The workaround would be to go into the routing editor on the Chanel and disconnect the right input channel