Waves sales activity

Yesterday i.e. Sunday 4th Waves were advertising their Abbey Road Vinyl plug in for $99 (Regular $249) with a countdown timer implying the deal was about to end in 13 hours.

I bought it without any real consideration i.e. demoing it, thinking that the price was about to go up. I bought it on the strength of being a Waves plug in.

I checked back today and even though the “deal” has ended - it is still the same price!

When I got annoyed with them the chat agent told me with words to the effect they have a dynamic pricing system. What does this mean? It does not say anywhere on the “offer” that the deal has been extended in any way.

Fortunately the plug in is excellent (like most Waves plugins), however I can’t help feeling I was unnecessarily rushed into buying before trying because it was “on sale”. When has it ever been Regular $249?

You’ve got to love the tactics companies use to get us to buy their products, however excellent they may be!

Which is exactly why you shouldn’t look at those ‘before’ prices.
Buy your products based on the current price and what you consider them to be worth. How much they used to cost or will cost in the future makes no difference to how much you think a product is worth :wink:
This applies to everything, from food to clothes to VST plugins!

Those ‘before’ prices are usually MSRP (which is usually higher than it was ever sold for), or artificially inflated prices just before the sale. I know from experience that product prices can go up just before a ‘sale’, just so they can say they’re on sale.

Best strategy perhaps: Develop a list over time of plugs you are interested, and the prices they are selling for. Check in every now and then to see if things change.

As long as you don’t need the plug NOW, you can wait till the price drops from the “usual” price. This might be a Black Friday or Christmas/New Year’s Sale, or it might be at some random point inbetween.

That way you get the biggest discount, regardless of their “On Sale!” marketing shuhhbabble.

Waves also tend to be good for voucher codes. As I’d already used up my Black Friday $30 off code on another plug, I still managed to get 10% off the Abbey Road one. If I hadn’t been in a rush I should have bought them both together - hindsight is easy though! The “2nd” plug in that gets the 30% off is usually the cheapest one mind!

It means they saw you coming. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: