Waves sidechain and/or midi

I’ve never tried this until the other day, but it didn’t seem to work. Am I missing something?

If I enable the side chain input on a waves plugin I can’t seem to find the side chain input anywhere in the app.
Also, it’s the same if I enable midi on a plugin I can’t seem to find a way to route midi to that plugin.

Be sure that you are running the V7 of Waves (VST3).
But even then, not all the plugins allow side-chaining.


Yeah… I have an older version of the plugins, V5. Some of them have ability to select sidechain as the input and some have the ability to select midi as an input.

I’m guessing these aren’t supported in Nuendo?

Depends on how you look at it.
Sidechaining of VST2x plugins (Waves V5) is not supported in Nuendo. Sidechaining was not part of the VST2x specification, so …
However, sidechaining is a basic feature of the VST3x protocol (Waves V7), which is fully supported by Steinberg.


OK… let me ask this in a different manner…

  1. In the waves 5 plugins when you press the side chain button, what technology is that using? Is this some sort of custom waves thing that Nuendo never supported?
  2. What about the midi button?

Just want to make sure I’m not missing something…


Hi dug - don’t own the waves so unclear here.
Are you saying that when you activate the sidechain button in the W7 plugins it does not appear in the send sidechains list on audio channels?

I’m fairly certain you need to upgrade to the Version 7 VST3 Waves plug-ins for side-chaining to work in Nuendo. I also seem to recall some problems with midi in the older Waves plugs as well. The funny thing is that I don’t even remember seeing the side chain button show up in Nuendo on the older version Waves stuff - though I was on N4 or earlier at the time.

You need to have Waves V7 for having sidechaining.


Some Wave plugin have sidechain button, but those are internal functions.

I’m on Waves 7 now, but I’m pretty sure you could sidechain earlier waves (mono) plugins by inserting plugin on a stereo group, then sending source to left channel of the group and trigger to right channel. output need to be convereted to mono by some plugin after.
I use same technique with Softube Dynamite, except you can do it with stereo source as well (4 channel group, trigger to channel 3-4)

hope this helps,



Yeah… I’ve done the mono to stereo trick and go it to work, I’m just curious in case I could get it to work for a stereo channel or actually get the midi to work. Midi would be really handy for the morfoder.

I’m not sure how was it with Waves, but I used midi a lot with plugins like morphoder. when you insert a plugin with midi activated, midi input of this plugin should be visible as new midi output for any midi track in Nuendo.