Waves SoundRack/StudioRack Brings Cubase 9.5.3 to a near standstill on Windows 10!

Hello, Im having an absolute nightmare with using Waves StudioRack/SoundGrid in Cubase Pro 9.5.3 on PC.
We have an identical setup on mac and there are no issues with this combo.

Here is a video of what is occurring and it shows the results of changing the buffer size and removing the studio rack plugins.

Waves support have looked at this and they have said it is a cubase issue (of course!)
I was wondering if any of you plug-in gurus might have any experience with this who might be able to help?

Here is a video of what happens;


Overloading Performance Meters

Im having an absolute headache with using Studio Rack + sound grid in cubase 9.5.3. I have the sound grid impact server. Playback is totally unusable with the soundgrid plugin running on 4 channels with minimal plugins on them.

In this video the studio rack is set to run the plugins locally on the computer - the same result occurs with the Studiorack set to sound grid hosting. My computer is a brand new i9 Windows 10 custom machine with 128gb ram and SSDS… A typical max cpu usage is about 30 percent on even the busiest projects. The VST performance indicator in cubase is off the scale however (even with my MOTU Ultralight4 interface set to 1024 buffer size).

Waves have said they can’t support this as it all works fine in an empty project with one audio file and one instance of soundgrid so it must be a cubase issue. Does anybody with plugin problem solving experience have any suggestions? My sound grid impact server has been tested on another computer and is fine and the project file works fine on a mac computer with identical or the same audio interface.

Many thanks,


Hi Ed,

I’m working with another user having a similar CPU (i9 24 cores) and the same exact issue with core #2 overloading.

Problem is, it overloads even when nothing is running - it does not always do it, but once it does, it won’t free it up until you reboot. After a reboot it works pretty good.
I’ll most probably follow up to one of your older tickets via mail, if that’s fine?


Hi Fabio! Many thanks. That’s very interesting. Yes drop me a line on one of the older tickets :slight_smile: that’s exactly the symptom I have been having