Waves SSL 4000 & Cubase 5.5.2

Hmm… I’m having trouble installing Waves SSL into Cubase - It just seems that Cubase won’t recognise the Waves plug-ins.

I have tried specifying a new path in the plug-in information and updating it with no luck. I’ve also tried moving .dll files from the Waves folder to different locations to see if Cubase would see them - still no luck…

Windows 7 is 64 bit (as is Cubase) but I believe the Waves SSL is 32 bit. Could that be the problem, and if so, is there a solution?

I don’t know what’s going on.

what version of waves are you on?

i seem to remember there was a particular version of waveshell that had an issue with one of the cubase versions

it was a while ago and im on c4 so …


It’s waves version 8.

What I seem to be finding out is Waves just doesn’t support 64-bit.
Cubase did show some warning message in regard to the Waveshell as well…