Waves SSL E-Channel


I use stock plugin’s that come with Cubase Pro version. The only “3rd party” plugin I have is the JW Bus Glue bundle that I’m not the biggest fan of to be honest (or maybe I just didn’t learn how to use it properly yet).
There is a lot of videos of different people on youtube doing all kind of stuff mix and music related and I noticed, that one common things that keeps popping up on those videos is the WAVES SSL E-Channel.
Is it really that good?

There seem to be a heavy discount on it at the moment ($35,99 - apparently down from $249) and I was just thinking, is it worth investing those 30 quid or will it be more like with the JW bundle? I’ll play around for a bit and then go back to stock plugin’s cause I’m just more used to them…

Wrong forum.
Go and download the trial and test yourself - simple.

It is a classic, both as hardware and plugin. But it is quite old. But for example Brainworx plugins are better integrated with cubase.

I like alot of the waves stuff but I wouldn’t worry it’s always discounted.

I prefer the UAD versions for SSL, then the Plugin Alliance, then the Native SSL pack and then Waves :smiley:

anyways there are plenty of options, there are demos for most the stuff to try. Some like Waves, some like PA. But who is to say what is the best, let your own ears decide

There is a long weekend ahead, I might sit down and try it.
Factory work doesn’t really go in pair with sitting with your headphones on and trying to listen for details after you came back home.

Differences with the stock plugins are marginal.
The channels trip format might fit your work style maybe.