*waves tune & rewire not working* Solved

Now it works again. Don´t know why or how :slight_smile: Wonderful world of computers.


When loading waves tune (insert on vocal track) it says can´t establish rewire , check connections.
Doing so , cubase rewire settings -input box is empty.
waves tune reads the vocal file ,but changes can´t be heard and no sound when clicking on different notes.

The odd thing is that it worked a couple of weeks ago :open_mouth:

So where should I troubleshoot , in Cubase or in waves plugin.
I did a repair on the plugin via waves central, it didn´t help.
Waves support is no help , Cubase isn´t even mentioned in their troubleshooting area.
Any suggestions?? :confused: :confused:

Do you not know at all how to get Rewire working on cubase 8? ive tried everything and really losing my patience don’t know how waves audio can be such a revered company when they can’t even tell their customers how to actually use their products