Waves Tunes RT Purchase Error

Purchased the new Wave Tunes RT about a week ago, every time I open Cubasis 3 with the song that I used the Waves module on, it says it’s missing from the song. When I go into shop, it says it it’s available for purchase, I click more and it gives me an option to restore it, so I do and it works again.

How do I get rid rid of this continuing error.

Thanks dave73

Hi Dave73,

Thank you for your message. Please make sure to enable the iCloud which should resolve the Waves Tune IAP issues. Please let us know if it does.

Stay healthy,

Hi Lars, thank you for reply,

I don’t use iCloud, whats the point of that!, are you saying I will always be re-installing the Waves Tune IAP every time I open Cubasis. I would like it loaded onto my iPad like all the other software options.


Hi @Dave73,

Thanks for your message.

I don’t use iCloud, whats the point of that!

The iCloud step should normally be required once, in this case.
Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

I still have the same issue, every time I turn Cubasis on I have to recover the purchase, why is this still happening, none of my other purchases do this.

Hi @Dave73,

Please enable iCloud once, which should immediately resolve the problem.
Please let me know, if it does.