Waves V10 won't "unblacklist"

Just got the Waves V10 Gold bundle. New install, no V9.
Some plugs show up in C10, most don’t and are blacklisted.
Cubase won’t let me “unblacklist” them.

I’ve done all the voodoo I can find from Waves and here in the forum, including the requisite xml-delete/rescan, to no avail.

Please help…


Make sure you have the latest plug-in and Waves Shell, same as iLok/PACE software and driver installed, please.

If it doesn’t help, could you try to start Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode, please?

Could it be that the problem stems from my computer still using Windows 7 Pro / SP1?
Is this my wake-up call to move up to Win 10?

Okay, the installed version of the shell is “WaveShell4-VST3 10.0_x64” and I don’t use iLok/Pace, which aren’t required by Wave anyway.
I couldn’t use Wn8 compatability mode, due to still being on Win 7.


Waves are compatible with Win7 SP1. Cubase is compatible with Win7, but it needs the very latest update (sorry I don’t know, if SP1 was the very last one).

Thanks, Martin…
Windows is fully up to date as of yesterday.
I know the weekend is upon us, but do you have any other suggestions?

Could it be that you installed both VST2 and VST3 version of the plugins and that Cubase is blacklisting the VST2 versions?

That was one of my first thoughts, too, KHS. The waves installer won’t let the used choose 32/64/vst3…just gives you it all
(and on that note, let me stop myself from launching into a hot rant about how ill-designed the waves installation process is compared to other companies…)
The really odd part is that about 25% of the plugins are there and useable, but the rest, including the 64bit stuff, is all blacklisted and seemingly locked in that way.
I’m await to hear from Waves tech support…